19 Positive Affirmations For Mental Health

When it comes to maintaining good mental health, self-care practices are essential. One effective way to incorporate self-care into your daily routine is by using positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are short statements that encourage and uplift individuals, reinforcing a sense of positivity and resilience. By practicing positive affirmations consistently, one can significantly improve their mental wellbeing and overall outlook on life.

I am strong and capable.

“I am strong and capable.”

This sentence is a powerful statement that can help boost self-confidence and improve overall well-being. It suggests that one has the ability to overcome challenges and achieve their goals, which can be especially beneficial for those who may struggle with anxiety or depression.

My emotions are valid and important.

My emotions are valid and important.

I can handle whatever comes my way.

I can handle whatever comes my way.

I deserve happiness and success.

Explaining “I deserve happiness and success” in a brief manner would imply that you believe yourself to be deserving of good things, like joy, love, and reaching your goals. It’s about having a positive mindset, which can help improve your emotional well-being and make life better!

I am loved and supported by those around me.

“I am loved and supported by those around me.” This statement emphasizes the importance of social connections and support systems in maintaining good mental health. It highlights that having a strong network of friends and family members who care about us can significantly impact our overall well-being. By reminding ourselves of this fact, we can feel more connected to others and less alone in our struggles. This affirmation also encourages us to seek out support when needed and not feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help. Ultimately, it reinforces the belief that we are worthy of love and support, which can be incredibly empowering in difficult times.

I will not let negative thoughts bring me down.

When we focus on maintaining a positive outlook and mindset, it helps us navigate life’s challenges with greater resilience. By not allowing negative thoughts to dominate our thought processes, we can maintain an empowered state which enables us to handle situations more effectively. This practice supports overall mental health by reducing feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression.

I am grateful for the good things in my life.

I am grateful for the good things in my life, including supportive friends and family, a fulfilling career, and opportunities to grow and learn.

I am making progress towards my goals.

I am making progress towards my goals.

I am kind to myself and others.

“I am kind to myself and others” can be seen as an essential aspect of self-care, personal growth, and maintaining a harmonious relationship with people around you. By acknowledging and appreciating your own worth, it becomes easier to extend empathy and compassion to others in the same manner. This statement promotes self-acceptance, fosters emotional intelligence, and allows individuals to create healthier connections with those around them, ultimately contributing to a more fulfilling life experience.

I am confident in my abilities.

– “I am confident in my abilities” refers to having faith and trust in one’s own skills, talents, and potential. It is an affirmation that helps boost self-esteem and reduce anxiety.

When using this affirmation, it is important to believe in yourself and acknowledge your strengths. By doing so, you can develop a positive mindset that allows you to overcome challenges and achieve your goals. Remember that everyone has unique abilities and talents, and embracing them can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Additionally, it is beneficial to practice self-compassion and be patient with yourself as you work towards becoming confident in your abilities. Everyone experiences setbacks and failures at some point, but focusing on personal growth and learning from these experiences can help build resilience and a stronger sense of self-confidence.

Incorporating positive affirmations like “I am confident in my abilities” into your daily routine can be a powerful tool for improving mental health and overall wellbeing. By repeating this affirmation regularly, you are sending positive messages to your subconscious mind, which can help shift negative thought patterns and promote a more optimistic outlook on life.

I am resilient in the face of challenges.

I am resilient in the face of challenges

This statement reflects a sense of strength and perseverance, emphasizing that you are able to overcome obstacles and adapt to changing circumstances. By repeating this affirmation, you can reinforce your belief in yourself and build confidence in your ability to handle difficult situations.

I am mindful of my thoughts and actions.

“Being mindful of our thoughts and actions” refers to being aware and attentive to our inner world, emotions, and behavior patterns. It is an essential component for maintaining good mental health, fostering personal growth, and improving overall well-being. When we are mindful of our thoughts, it allows us to recognize, understand, and process them effectively, leading to a more balanced perspective on life. Additionally, being conscious of our actions enables us to make deliberate choices that align with our goals and values, thus contributing to a sense of fulfillment and personal satisfaction.

I am open to learning new things.

I am open to learning new things.

I am proud of who I am.

“I am proud of who I am.” means acknowledging and accepting oneself, flaws included, while striving to become a better version of themselves.

I am grateful for the support system in my life.

I am grateful for the support system in my life, which includes my friends and family who always lift me up and make me feel loved. They provide a safe space to share my thoughts and feelings, helping me navigate difficult times with understanding and compassion. Their unwavering encouragement boosts my self-esteem and reminds me that I am not alone in this journey.

I am capable of achieving great things.

What I am capable of achieving great things means that with hard work, determination, and a positive attitude, you have the potential to achieve your goals and accomplish anything you set your mind to. It is a reminder to believe in yourself and trust that you have the ability to succeed, even when faced with challenges or obstacles. By cultivating a positive mindset, you can improve your mental health and well-being, allowing you to achieve great things both personally and professionally.

I am worthy of love and respect.

“I am worthy of love and respect.” This statement reminds you that you have value, regardless of external factors or negative self-talk. It encourages self-compassion and self-acceptance, promoting good mental health.

I am committed to taking care of my mental health.

I am committed to taking care of my mental health. This means that I will prioritize self-care, practice mindfulness, and seek help when needed. By doing so, I can maintain a healthy and balanced state of mind, which is essential for achieving personal growth and well-being.

I will not let fear hold me back.

“I will not let fear hold me back.” This statement serves as a powerful reminder to overcome anxiety and self-doubt, allowing one to pursue their dreams and goals without being hindered by negative thoughts or emotions.


Positive affirmations are statements or phrases that we repeat to ourselves in order to promote self-confidence, motivation, and overall wellbeing. They have been proven to be effective in improving mental health by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. By practicing positive affirmations regularly, individuals can cultivate a positive mindset and develop resilience against negative thoughts and emotions. Additionally, positive affirmations can help individuals identify their strengths and accomplishments, which can boost self-esteem and confidence. It is important to remember that positive affirmations are not a quick fix for mental health issues, but rather a tool that can be used in conjunction with other strategies such as therapy or medication. Overall, incorporating positive affirmations into one’s daily routine can have significant benefits for both short-term and long-term mental health.

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